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At 5di Design Studio, every project starts by carefully understanding our clients’ requirements that are then conceptualized by our Design Studio by combining aspects of functionality and aesthetics. We thrive for transforming your thoughts and ideas into reality. Our architecture and interior design Process start with an intensive, multi-day planning period in which we communicate with our clients for a fair exchange of ideas, exploring possibilities, and develop a robust plan. Our experts also take measurements and photos if needed.


In the schematic design phase, estimation of space and furniture layouts are developed. We then create circulation patterns while considering and applying minimum clearances to the floor plan. Using hand-drawn sketches, we exchange ideas to establish a visual dialogue with the clients until it becomes apparent that we share a common vision. While establishing conceptual aesthetics and layout, we also take into account natural elements such as landscape, sun, views, and topography. The outcome is a visual road-map that will serve as a guide for the stages ahead.


This is the phase where ideas are laid out in the form of sketches. Now, the finalised schematic design is further developed. Then, floor plans, sections, and elevations are developed with accurate dimensions. The palette of materials and finishes are defined as per the personality of the spaces and designing and how they will be constructed and applied. More importantly, additional details such as the location of windows and doors, colours, material treatments and terminations, finishes, furniture designs, etc. are also included in the design. The final design is then presented to the client for feedback and approval.


In this phase, client feedback such as changes and other elements are included in the overall design. After incorporating the changes, the project can finally go live. The approved design is further detailed and translated into the technical language for productions.


On the basis of the final design documentation, the site work kicks off. Our experience with industry experts and skilled craftsmen provides us with the luxury of assembling teams that can take care of the unique requirements of each and every for obtaining the best combination of quality and scheduling. We carefully oversee the work of our vendors and production team to ensure the work is progressing as per its proper schedule and plan. You don’t have to worry about the progress of your project as we periodically schedule meetings with our clients to inform them about the work-in-progress.